Access control is a security system that deals with controlling the entry of Users through a physical gate, generally a turnstile or automatic gate, through the use of electronic devices called badges readers or biometric readers that allow you to uniquely identify the user. The authentication system can be implemented with different technologies that determine its type. Access control is not only an electronic or electromechanical door opener, as we are generally led to think, but it is a means of making a controlled area safer.

The Access Control Management Software GATEAPP is a fundamental tool to manage Users who have the right to access an authorized area, therefore regulate the flow of people inside a building, limit visitor access, memorize the transit , register the presence of employees and prohibit entry into certain time slots or holidays.

The concept behind access control systems is that of identifying the person, animal or vehicle. To identify a subject, it is necessary to detect information that uniquely distinguishes it, and the simplest way is to associate a "unique code" to the people, animals or things that you want to identify. Here, using an RFID TAG in the shape of a card or a bracelet, the user can be easily identified. While to identify a vehicle, a special soap tag TAG commonly called TELEPASS or a license plate detection system can be used. In the case of human identification, it is commonly carried out using a card (also called a badge). The identification code contained in the badge will be detected by the reader terminal, which will send it to the GateApp management software. Receiving the code, the application will identify the user and verify the access rights and respond to the reader terminal to open the gate and to enable access to the reserved area or deny transit. The badges can be classified according to the external shape and according to the technology they use: magnetic, optical, barcode and RFID proximity cards (Radio Frequency IDentification). The most common are undoubtedly the RFID proximity cards that use frequencies at 125kHz (UNIQUE) or 13.56Mhz (MIFARE).

A detailed explanation of the components necessary to create an efficient access control system can be found at this link.


The design and supply of the Hardware infrastructure: Gates, Readers, Cards can be requested from our PARTNER








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